Siberia…the Oil Man’s Gulag

…..And it is my adventures in these remote wild-ass places that has allowed me to explore, scout, and plan for my other great adventures. This quest is pretty much summed up in the Outside Magazine article written by Michael McRae.

These geophysical work adventures are no less challenging nor are they less dangerous, than, say, climbing Everest or exploring the Nile. They are full of unknown dangers in foreign lands, many of which are so far off the tourist circuit that no one has ever heard of them. They are often very remote, located in politically unstable countries and, more often than not, full of unexpected surprises, natural beauty and great people. I feel incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to lead a life in which my work, love of adventure and travel are one and the same.

Most of the time I’m in the field on a geophysical Seismic crew shooting a 3-dimensional seismic survey. I spend most of my nights in an old Soviet Era frontier “oil town” in a town called Kogalym, (Kogalym map) a collection of drab concrete 5-story apartment buildings, the type that still, to this day, exist all over Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Photos from Russia…….



A tank ride in Siberia………….

Russian National Anthem