PASQUALE IS ONE OF A RARE BREED OF LEADERS who has bridged the gap between successful expeditions in the outdoors and success in corporate America. His motivational talks mesmerize and inspire audiences with passionate, first-hand accounts of adventures around the globe. It takes what Pasquale calls Extreme Leadership to attempt and complete record-setting expeditions and to ensure a team will succeed – and survive. His exploits are goal driven and arduous: they require commitment, focus, and stamina; the same qualities that lead to achievement in corporate America.

The Extreme Leadership lecture: Pasquale’s talks address vision, teamwork, perseverance, uncertainty, risk and crisis management, committing to the mission, planning for failure, managing egos, and decision-making under pressure.

“Pasquale had us riveted like no other speaker we have ever experienced! Our luncheon went overtime because our members had so many questions about his fabulous adventures that we did not want to stop… Wow, he was incredible!”

Tim O’Connor
President & CEO
United States Potato Board

Presentations: Princeton Distinguished Lecture Series, IBM, Microsoft, Lenovo, Teradyne, Trimble, Icon Estates, Independent Health, Delicato DFV, Accelerant, America First Credit Union, Cellar Door, Costa Del Mar, ExOfficio, Pelican, REI, University of Virginia, and Constellation Brands, among others.

Media appearances: Today Show, NBC Nightly News, ESPN, Turner Television, the History Channel, National Public Radio, MacGillivray Freeman Films and IMAX Theaters worldwide, A&E, MSNBC and MSN and has been featured in Time Magazine, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Playboy, the Los Angeles Times, the Steven Covey Leadership Series and many more.

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Extreme Leadership
"Where leadership is concerned, potential followers implicitly ask: should I follow? When I first met Pasquale, his charisma was perfectly evident. But it wasn't his charisma that led me to join him on an expedition more adventurous than anything I'd done before; it was his sheer competence. Combine competence with charisma and you've got one heckuva leader."

Tom Bateman, Bank of America Professor, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia