WITHOUT THE GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT of our gear, clothing and equipment sponsors, most of these expeditions and adventures would be impossible. Their gear has been tested in the highest of mountains and the hottest of deserts. It works.

Ex Officio
Since 1987 Ex Officio has been providing clothing solutions for outdoor & travel enthusiasts. Ex Officio is dedicated to those who plan their next adventure on the way home from their last. At Ex Officio, high performance apparel is an obsession. From built-in UV protection to bug repellent apparel, we’re constantly striving for the perfect piece of clothing to accompany you on your next adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the coffee shop in our casual wicking-wear or an adventure around the globe in our performance underwear, we’ve got you covered. www.exofficio.com

Costa Del Mar
As the leading manufacturer of premium performance polarized sunglasses, Costa Del Mar offers superior lens technology, unparalleled fit and durability, and a lifetime warranty on all of its products. Still handcrafted today in Daytona Beach, Fla., Costa Del mar creates the highest quality, best performing sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts. Honoring its heritage on the water, Costa Del Mar supports and sponsors a number of marine conservation initiatives and educational programs. The company was founded on protecting the marine environment worldwide and educating others to understand the importance of conservation. www.costadelmar.com

Reactor Watches
The world’s greatest watches… In 2003 we out on a mission to design a line of sport watches that would exceed the demands of the action sports athlete, while creating a style uniquely different from the norm. On short, we wanted to push well beyond what the watch industry had to offer and create a product that would truly set a new standard. All water-resistant, all designed to take abuse and still keep perfect time. Bold components, uncompromising quality and unconventional styling have combined to create REACTOR. www.reactorwatch.com

DFV Wines, located in Manteca, California produces Gnarly Head, 337, Irony Napa Valley, Delicato, Clay Station, Woodhaven, Twisted, Joe Blow, Bota Box, King Fish, and Loredona brand wines. The Indelicato family has been producing handcrafted wines for three generations. www.dfvwines.com

Osprey Packs
Osprey Packs has long set the standard for comfortably and efficiently carrying your gear. With our roots in Santa Cruz, California and with headquarters in Cortez, Colorado since 1990, this year we celebrate 36 years of independent innovation. Our vision is to inspire and ease your journey. Our team shares a love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors and the environment. We strive to reflect our vision and values in every pack we design and build. www.ospreypacks.com

Native Eyewear
Native Eyewear designs sunglasses and goggles for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and athletes who get their kicks off of emerging sports. We provide the best style and performance available for a monster value, featuring interchangeable, polarized lenses, lightweight frames and amazing grip, all backed by our lifetime warranty. Natives are the perfect companion, whatever your sport. www.nativeyewear.com

Inspired by Nature: Icebreaker’s merino fibre was created by nature to protect the animal in the harsh environment of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. If the fibre didn’t work the animal would die. We can’t design a better fibre, so we’ve translated this miracle all-weather fibre into a clothing system that gives people the same freedom to push their limits in the outdoors. Icebreaker merino forms a buffer zone around your body, keeping you at an ideal temperature in all climates and conditions. It’s also lightweight, odour- resistant and soft against the skin – all qualities that will help you to perform at your peak. www.icebreaker.com

Therefore I GoLite. This is our motto. This is what drives us. Less is more. Less is liberation. Less is our passion. But we didn’t invent this philosophy. You did. We led the fast and light revolution and refined how people experience nature by thinking differently. Not just about weight, but about how outdoor gear is designed and built. Today, we develop simple, beautiful, high performance gear that’s light on the planet. Therefore you GoLite. Innovate. Sustain. Inspire. www.golite.com

Leki Poles
Leki is the world’s leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles. For over 60 years, outdoor enthusiasts have appreciated the quality, value and technology that goes into each and every one of our products. We focus our extensive European research and independent testing on one thing: making the best poles for each person out there. Because poles, race gear and gloves are our only business, we aren’t distracted with designing other lines of merchandise; we are the pole experts. So when deciding which brand of poles to buy for your active lifestyle, there’s no comparison. Whether you like to Ski, Trek, or Nordic Walk, we hope our site will guide, educate and equip you. www.leki.com

Marmot clothing and equipment. www.marmot.com