The Omo River Expedition:

PASQUALE SCATURRO LEADS TWO LIVES. A big, rough-edged, passionate guy with a salty mouth and a Sicilian surname, Scaturro is an exploration geophysicist who travels the world prospecting for oil reserves. This is Scaturro’s soldier-of-fortune persona, a role that has taken him to such dicey locales as the Ogaden, the lawless wasteland between Ethiopia and Somalia, and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, which he calls “the kidnapping capital of the world.

The Decider, Michael McRae, Outside Magazine

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Expedition Africa:

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Nile First Descent:

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Raft-swallowing Class V rapids had defeated all previous attempts to run the Blue Nile, but as Jordan Rane reports, it’s hard to say no to history.

Croc and Bandit Bait, Jordan Rane, Los Angeles Times

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